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USMX supports emerging or experienced leaders in their quest to be extraordinary with professional training. Superior business performance is directly connected to the development of leadership capability. Organizations that invest in developing their people as effective leaders and managers create a sustainable advantage in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. Companies with highly effective leaders outperform competitors and have a meaningful and significant impact on their communities and the world. In our leadership development programming, we teach leadership effectiveness and talent development.


We will help you enhance your quality of leadership within your organization and as an individual. In addition to our inspiring leadership development, we also have other programs to help you find balance and motivation in all aspects of your life. We provide a personalized approach that develops the person in the position. When you are at the top of your leadership game, you can create a culture where your employees are passionate about the company’s success. With the help of our professional life coach, you can achieve your strategic goals, retain your best people, and become a great leader! Contact us in the Indio, CA area for more information on all our leadership programming, coaching, and educational programs.

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